THE PACKAGE (Published in “December Wishes” on December 1, 2016 by Eighth Ripple Press)
Travel with Andromeda Noir, the best pilot in the Alpha Quadrant. She’s just agreed to take a handsome male passenger as well as a very precious package across the galaxy, and she must safely deliver the cargo on time if she’s to make it back to Earth for her Mother’s Christmas dinner.

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TRUE CALLING (Published in “Shifting Shards” on October 1, 2016 by Eighth Ripple Press)
Raven is an intelligent, new college grad who takes a trip to her family’s cabin and finds both a new world and a new family history in the woods. 

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LOVE LOST (Second edition published October 1, 2016 by Eighth Ripple Press)
A young art student learns that the dreams that have been haunting her for her entire life may be memories from a past life. As she searches for who she used to be she discovers the love from that past life is still alive. As more confusing memories are brought to the surface of her mind she if left asking, “Who am I really?” She is left with one choice: find her past love or move on knowing that her subconscious may never let her forget who she used to be.

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HIS GAME (Published March 25, 2013)
In this short story, Tara travels to an old friend’s vacant property for a day of rest and relaxation only to find that she is being hunted by a man who enjoys toying with his prey.

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UNCLE JERRY (Published March 28, 2013)
After an unexpected visit to Uncle Jerry’s house, a young woman realizes her uncle is hiding a horrible secret.

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