Release News

Secrets & Shadows

I have exciting news! My short story collection, Secrets and Shadows, estimated release date is Black Friday, November 24th, 2017. This spooky collection of stories features newly edited versions of the formerly released short stories, “Uncle Jerry” and “His Game.” This collection has six never before released stories as well. Each story starts with a brief introduction on what inspired me to write it.

Meet Ryan Keller in “1:11,” a man who does not believe in ghosts or hauntings, but finds unexplained things are starting to happen to him. In “Eve,” a vengeful ex-girlfriend spins a suspenseful story filled with jealousy and lies. The United States’ economy crashes in “The Day the Soldiers Came,” leading to mobsters trying to muscle money out of citizens who decided to fight to protect their rights. “Snow Queen” is a strange, artsy tale inspired by Joyce Carol Oates.  Reality is questioned by James Glover in “Unraveled,” a story where a prank is taken too far. And in .5 of the Lowertown series (the prequel to a currently unreleased series), something strange is happening along the Erie Canal. “The Twisted Plane” features David Robinson (of the unreleased book two of the Lowertown series), a boy who learns that creatures of your nightmares are not only found on television.

I am really excited for this collection, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.