Who Doesn’t Love Puppy Pictures?

Meet Pup Pup (yes…his name is Pup Pup). Above is his baby picture when my boyfriend, Brian, first got him. Pup Pup, or Puppy Boy as we sometimes call him, is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He is the youngest in the family at just about four-years-old. He frequently terrorizes my two Dachshunds who forget that they are much bigger than Puppy. That’s generally when we change his name to Puppy Jerk.

Every day, the three of them greet me at the door where usually Pup Pup growls at my boys for trying to get to me first. We think he has a bit of an anger management problem, but since he’s so little, it’s kind of cute. Once the boys are back inside, Pup Pup and I usually play catch for a bit. He loves chasing after toys and will be vocal if you are ignoring him when he wants you to throw his toy.

Pup Pup also loves being close to me and my boyfriend. If I am writing at the table, he will either jump in my lap (which some times makes typing difficult) or jump in the chair behind me and cuddle with my back. When we watch TV, he is usually in one of our laps, chewing on a toy. In bed, he cuddles up with my stomach and I wrap around him. We first bonded over our love of sleeping in. My boyfriend used to get up before me to go to work and would leave Puppy and I cuddling in bed. Now I get up first and am jealous of Pup Pup who is burrowed under the warm covers.

One of the highlights of my day is coming home to the boys. Their excitement over seeing me always brightens my day.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Pup Pup. Soon I will introduce you all to Mickey and Maverick, too! I mean, who doesn’t love dog pictures? 🙂