Love Lost

Book Cover: Love Lost

What would you do if you found out the man in your dreams was real, and he was once married to a woman who looked just like you?

Rachelle Warren, a young art student with a gift for painting, has been haunted her entire life by dreams of another time and of a love so strong, she feels the pain of its loss throughout her waking hours. She comes to realize that her dreams are memories from a past life. As she searches into who she used to be, Rachelle discovers that the lover from her dreams - that man from her past life - is still alive and she has a chance to meet him.

Caught between the past and present, Rachelle strives to regain a sense of self. As more confusing memories start to surface, Rachelle is left wondering, "Who am I really?" Knowing that her soul will never let her forget who she used to be, she decides to find her past lover. Joined by her friend, Tom Zielinski, Rachelle sets off on a road trip to New York City. Will she be able to find the man from her dreams, or has time shattered all that they once shared together?

Publisher: Eighth Ripple Press