Secrets and Shadows

Book Cover: Secrets and Shadows

Uncle Jerry: This is one of many of my stories that is based off of a dream that I had. I just love how creative my subconscious mind can be. Every dream for me is an adventure in itself. I hope you find the following as frightening as I did when I dreamt it.

His Game: This was the first story I ever committed to finishing beginning to end and publishing. I enjoyed writing, and thought that since my dreams are pretty suspenseful, maybe people would enjoy reading stories based on them.

1:11: Is there life after death? Do we get glimpses of the world beyond ours whether we want to acknowledge it or not? This story dives into the possibility of how quickly the known world can unravel when the unknown comes knocking at the boundaries.

Eve: Trust and truth can be a funny thing…

The Day the Soldiers Came: Everyone wonders what would happen if the economy crashes. This is my take on a possible reality.

Snow Queen: The idea came to me when I was reading a lot of Joyce Carol Oates’ short stories. I started this story with not much more than a basic idea of when I wanted it to take place. Writing it was a journey in itself.

Unraveled: I wanted to journey through someone’s psyche as they slowly lose their mind. It’s based on a story my mom told me about a prank one of her teacher’s pulled on someone, but took it too far.

The Twisted Plane: I decided to write a short story prequel based on a series that I have been working on for ten years: Skin Deep.

Publisher: Eighth Ripple Press