10 Things I enjoy (and don’t enjoy) about December

I thought I’d do a holiday related post since it’s December. It will be a fun way to tell you a bit more about me. 🙂

I celebrate Christmas even though I am more pagan in my beliefs than Christian. I was baptized Protestant, and I think both my parents were, too, but my dad’s father was Catholic (so is my sister, but that’s another story). Somewhere along the way I picked up my own set of beliefs. I’ve always been big into nature and as a child felt that there were spirits in the world around me, so my spirituality began taking on a more pagan-like feel. That being said, I do believe in Jesus, but don’t believe he was born on Christmas. But I wasn’t there, so who am I to say.

At any rate…here are my 12 most (and least) favorite things about December:

Holiday Cheer List:

1) Black Friday: Every since my boyfriend, Brian, and I have been together I take his daughter, Vanessa, Black Friday shopping. We were talking the one day and she told me she had never gone before. I have fond memories of my Aunt Marie taking my cousins and I every year and thought I should continue on the tradition with Ness. She enjoyed it, so we go every year now to kick off the holiday season. With that being said…I hate shopping, but I love having an excuse to have a girls day out with Ness!

2) Bad Christmas Movies: If you’ve never watched almost every movie on the Netflix holiday list, you don’t know what you’re missing! My sister, Crystal, and I make a point every year to criticize, laugh at, and ultimately enjoy the cheesy Christmas movies on Netfix. I dare you to count how many end in a proposal!

3) Eggnog: Christmas day I always enjoy a glass of spiked eggnog with my mom. I usually enjoy regular eggnog as soon as I see it available in stores. It’s a great treat this time of year!

4) My Mom’s Butter Cookies: I guess any butter cookies are just amazing, but my mom introduced them to me so I’ll give her credit for this. I bought my own press so I can make the holiday shapes if she’s not making cookies. You can technically make butter cookies any time of the year, but I feel they taste best around Christmas.

5) Snow!: While I don’t enjoy driving in it, I think it is so pretty. I also used to snowboard every year since I was 19. Not so much lately. Before that, my sister and I used to play outside year round. In the winter, we would bundle up and venture through the woods for a walk or ice skate on my neighbor’s pond. Sometimes we would even make a fort in the culvert out front in our deep ditch. My sister and I would stay outside until our feet and fingers went numb, or my mom flashed the outside light signalling dinner was done.

Holiday Jeer List:

1) Christmas shopping: Did I mention I hate shopping? Compound that with everyone else in Western New York running to the store and my agoraphobia starts to act up. Boo!

2) Whiteouts: I don’t mean the corrective fluid for covering mistakes, I mean a legit snowstorm where you cannot see. I don’t mind watching it from inside, but if I have to drive in it I get a little stressed. Did I mention every car accident I’ve ever been in occurred in winter?

3) Cinnamon: Not much of a story here. The smell just nauseates me. And stores have a tendency to have cinnamon scented displays this time of year.

4) Bad Christmas Songs: While I enjoy bad Christmas movies, I don’t enjoy bad holiday song remakes. Bad music is always painful. It just is…

5) Getting up early: The main thing I hate about Christmas is having to get up early! I really don’t have to anymore…but you’re lucky you didn’t see me as a teen being woken up with a cowbell Christmas morning.

So I hope you enjoyed my list. I had fun writing it. We all have fond and not so fond memories of every holiday. Just grab a holiday mix pack of beer, cozy up with your loved ones on the couch, and enjoy the great things this season has to offer! There is beauty in everything if you just focus on it. 🙂

Merry Christmas, all!!!!

Who Doesn’t Love Puppy Pictures?

Meet Pup Pup (yes…his name is Pup Pup). Above is his baby picture when my boyfriend, Brian, first got him. Pup Pup, or Puppy Boy as we sometimes call him, is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He is the youngest in the family at just about four-years-old. He frequently terrorizes my two Dachshunds who forget that they are much bigger than Puppy. That’s generally when we change his name to Puppy Jerk.

Every day, the three of them greet me at the door where usually Pup Pup growls at my boys for trying to get to me first. We think he has a bit of an anger management problem, but since he’s so little, it’s kind of cute. Once the boys are back inside, Pup Pup and I usually play catch for a bit. He loves chasing after toys and will be vocal if you are ignoring him when he wants you to throw his toy.

Pup Pup also loves being close to me and my boyfriend. If I am writing at the table, he will either jump in my lap (which some times makes typing difficult) or jump in the chair behind me and cuddle with my back. When we watch TV, he is usually in one of our laps, chewing on a toy. In bed, he cuddles up with my stomach and I wrap around him. We first bonded over our love of sleeping in. My boyfriend used to get up before me to go to work and would leave Puppy and I cuddling in bed. Now I get up first and am jealous of Pup Pup who is burrowed under the warm covers.

One of the highlights of my day is coming home to the boys. Their excitement over seeing me always brightens my day.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Pup Pup. Soon I will introduce you all to Mickey and Maverick, too! I mean, who doesn’t love dog pictures? 🙂